Currently, Dr. Homiler Elie Phanor is the Chair of Accounting at Central Penn College, a speaker who provides various workshops and conferences, owns an accounting firm, serves as a business mentor for several organizations, is very involved in real estate investing, and co-owns a non-profit organization that provides healthcare, education, and food in Haiti, amid other business ventures.


An advocate for education who inspires his students to redefine their thinking.


A gifted narrator whose unique, diverse perspectives inspires positive transformation in the lives of others through workshops and conferences.



A leader of various organizations whose business acumen propels his ventures to stabilize through inadvertent economic constraints.


He writes to challenge the minds of audiences to visually depict parallels between life experiences, and concrete applications in a specific context that is of interest to the reader.

He allowed your heart to be broken so that you’d realize that there’s no greater love than He

Even with a telescope, the future God has for you can not be seen with a closed lens. Open your heart, mind, and eyes

When you feel like the worst is happening, it may be God’s attempt to get your attention by any means necessary; to save you

If you worry less, He will fix your mess

Experiencing unreliable people will strengthen you to become who He can rely on

If Jesus turned water into wine, He can take your hurt and restore your mind

The more you sacrifice for Him, the more He’ll want to quench the burning desires of your heart

It wasn’t a loss, it was an opportunity to find yourself before you lose yourself in another situation

Sometimes, it isn’t that people change, it’s that your outlook on life has ripened. Be excited about your growth in maturity!

You went through it because God trusts you to tell the story of how you came out of it

If you’re not willing to be vulnerable, you’re not willing to be loved

If you can’t trust Him, He can’t trust you


Often, the occurrence of life-altering experiences raises awareness for one to view life through a different lens. For some, prison, drugs, abuse, childbirth, marriage, or other life event has helped stimulate change in their life. For Rev. Dr. Homiler Elie Phanor, his life-altering experience occurred when his older sister passed away at the age of 24 on February 8th, 2002. At that point, he realized that life is not promised, and that being an inspiration to others, as his sister, should be a part of his legacy.

As an adolescent who was raised in public housing, and in one of the worst neighborhoods in Elizabeth, NJ, and developed in part by both his maternal and paternal grandmothers who could not read, write, or know how to use a telephone, Dr. Phanor was often referenced as being the class clown, never thought he was “cut-out” for school, and was on the path of becoming a part of a statistic that black young males in urban communities often suffer from. It is through the resilience of his Haitian-born immigrant parents that he was able to attain enough strength to graduate high school. Attending college were not part of the immediate plans of Dr. Phanor, but his parents wanted more for him. Although he did very poorly on his SAT’s, he was accepted to several colleges. However, his plans were to barely pass his courses with at least a 2.0 gpa to earn his bachelor’s degree, and be an entrepreneur.

After the passing of his sister, he began to question the path of where his life was leading. He asked himself: “What’s my purpose? Now at 24, what have I accomplished?” Dr. Phanor understood that if he wanted to be an agent of change and live the life he was granted to his fullest potential, as his sister, he would have to begin living life more purposefully with all his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

As a young scholar, Dr. Phanor is an educator, speaker, executive, writer, minister, and musician, in addition to other roles of leadership. He attempts to inspire others by contextualizing information through different media platforms ranging from workshops, leadership programs, bible studies, and counseling sessions, among other communication streams. His passion to educate and inspire others is felt through his presentations and discussions. The basis of his teaching methodology is helping others think critically so that wisdom may be contextualized to the listener, and applicable to every facet of their life.

Dr. Phanor understands what perseverance, determination, and living a purpose-driven life entails as he too attempts to answer the purposeful call for his life. Dr. Phanor has honed his business acumen by earning a Bachelor of Science in Management Science from Kean University, a Master in Business Administration with a concentration in Financial Management, and another concentration in Management from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a Master of Science in Accountancy from St. Peter’s University. To sharpen his research, writing, and wisdom of the Scriptures, Dr. Phanor has earned a Master of Arts in Corporate and Organizational Communication from Fairleigh Dickinson University, and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Also, Dr. Phanor has earned is a Doctor of Education in Executive Leadership at St. John Fisher College. His dissertation research involves the understanding of resiliency characteristics towards academic success of first-generation Latino students in community college.

In addition, Dr. Phanor has a minor in Music from Kean University, is an Enrolled Agent, Accredited Tax Preparer, Certified FICO Professional, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Nonprofit Accounting Professional, Certified Postsecondary Instructor, and Professional Daily Money Manager, among six other designations. Furthermore, he has held accounting positions in numerous Fortune 500 companies, and has held positions as an educator in various capacities.

Currently, Dr. Phanor is the Chair of Accounting at Central Penn College, a speaker who provides various workshops and conferences, owns an accounting firm, serves as a business mentor for several organizations, is very involved in real estate investing, and co-owns a non-profit organization that provides healthcare, education, and food in Haiti, amid other business ventures. In addition to his daily activities, Dr. Phanor is pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts degree in Psychology at Harvard University.

Dr. Phanor strongly believes that through his examples of his imperfect life, others may be inspired to live as purposeful as their potential allows them.




Expected to release in winter 2015, currently, Elie is writing a book that entails the strongest influential power in the world, love. His book entitled, The Greatest Love Ever, seeks to relay experiences of love in different forms so that not only will the reader understand what love is, the reader will be able to determine how to display love in a manner that applies to different settings in life. Below is the preface to his book!


One of my deepest fears is living a lie in which society has projected as truth to who she is and how to keep her. There are many who assert to have either been involved with her emotionally, and/or physically. Unfortunately, through both experiences, she has hurt me. She told me to envision the greatest of goals as high as the third heaven, and to stretch for her hand so that she may guide me. However, it seems as if when I attempt to grasp the hem of her garment to feel her power, she drags me along an unclean path as if I’m a cabbage-patch doll in the hands of a child who believes I’m just a toy. Is this supposed to be what love feels like? Is this how difficult it should be to seek her?

After her character is identified, her availability is questioned. If I seek her, will she be as distant as an absentee father? Will she be willing to lay down her life for me, unlike a frightened

17 year-old girl who’s had two abortions; one from her rapist she was too ashamed to report, and the other from her stepdad? In my case, as of my birthday on December 1, 2014, will she abuse me as she did 6,737,760 minutes ago when she stole my beautiful sister from me? Where is love in all situations that are of greatest difficulty?

Love has been directly correlated to feelings of happiness, but also grief. Then, why is she such in high demand? She remains in high demand because we are curious of what she may offer. At this point, love may be tired of the abuse of those who call themselves swimmers, but who are unwilling to submerge more than the bottom half of their body in her waters. Love seems as though she’s drowning and overwhelmed because not only is the weight of the world on her shoulders, we call her and receive no response. Yet, should we not be patient enough to wait on her?

The Greatest Love Ever establishes who love is and how to keep her based on an interpretation of I Corinthians 13 in the Holy Bible. It is my hope this book provides sufficient knowledge to understand, and assess who love is in her workings in many dimensions of our lives. However, this book is not intended to be a conclusion of a set of procedures or rules of absolutism which conclude an exact science. Love is an art. Its perceptions change over time, and its relative usage depends on the view of the one illustrating the emotion. There is no philosophical agreement about the definition of love. Moreover, love should not only be defined amongst the four Greek words for love; agape, eros, philia, and storge. Possibly, it should not be defined. Perhaps, love is who we are and what we can illustrate because we serve a God who ascertains both.

At times, our direct experience with love teaches us how to pursue her, what she looks like, and how to keep her. We must consider that love is more than theoretical ideology, and a better applicable alternative than hate. The only wrong love has done is treat us in a manner conducive to providing the greatest outcome unbeknownst to us. One difficult part of having a relationship with her is believing in something felt, but unseen. To attain The Greatest Love Ever, one can only have faith in a love unseen and unheard, and hope that she will never leave. God is love.


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